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2019-04-20 - 2:22 p.m.

I met a monster
who said all the right words
sweet and convincing
making me believe
we had something

That monster wasn’t scary
He looked so lovely
but something was sinister
the moment you got to know him better

It was just a matter of ‘when’
before he used his looks as a weapon
a hypnotic voice, like a snake-charmer
pulling me into his death-chamber

How did I get out?
A mixture of mind games
before abandonment
I shouldn’t have ignored my skepticism

I’ve survived and made it through
It was the only I had to do
More mental scars for me, though
Too much, I’d rather not show

You could say I’m now okay
I’m still alive for another day
There’s a lingering problem
It’s been on my mind all along

The monster has played all the cards
He said all the right words
Next time I meet someone
with the same old, familiar lines
how will I know he’s a decent man?
How do I feel safe with him?

How to make sure
he’s not just another monster
with the right words
just to drag me into
another death-chamber?




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