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2018-09-19 - 9:13 a.m.

Dear Society,
I hate how you make girls like me
feel stupid for believing so easily
everytime some guy shows an interest in me

Get a grip
It doesn’t matter anyway
I can still lose
with what I choose

If I accept him and he hurts me,
you’ll call me stupid
You’re being a pain
when you tell me to use my brain
(Well, I do!)

Then you’re being condescending
with an advice so degrading:
“Learn your lesson.
Next time, don’t get too confident.”

Dear Society,
What’s with your change of view?
This doesn’t sound like the previous you
Now you call women like me paranoid
for closing doors and building walls
after you’ve convinced me
that men are all preying monsters

Now you want me to give them a chance
at least one, for every dance
but I get all clumsy with fear and worry
What if this one also wants to hurt me?

“Oh, but you can’t be alone,”
you casually tell me.
“Everybody needs someone.”

Dear Society,
What the hell do you want from me?
To believe in love again?
Well, I did.
Look what happened.
In your eyes, it’s the same damn thing.
Either I’m stupid or paranoid,
even when I’m desperately trying
to stay level-headed,
even when you keep letting them all
get away with it.

You no longer get to choose for me.
I do that when I’m ready.
Think whatever you like.
I’m done with your spite.




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