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2018-06-21 - 6:35 p.m.

The Ex-Guardian of The Isolated Castle had never asked for any of this. In fact, she believed that she had been careful enough already.
Everything had felt like a dream. He was acting like some prince charming, with a slight mischief. Although The Ex-Guardian wasn’t looking for anyone specifically, she decided to let him in anyway. Even her friends (well, at least some of them) agreed.
“It’s about damn time!”
“Yeah, come on. Give him a chance. I mean, you never know...”
“Perhaps after this, all your writing stuff won’t be so gloomy anymore.”
Yeah, right. Despite still feeling rather reluctant at first, The Ex-Guardian followed their advice. Besides, he sounded so convincing.
Perhaps that was why The Ex-Guardian later found out that he was never The Prince Charming he’d tried to be. His outer warmth had been nothing but faux. Deep inside, he was nothing but a ghost. His blood had already run cold, a long long time ago. No compassion, no remorse. All he had inside was a bottomless black hole that could never be filled. Nothing but a void within.
In short, he was incapable of love.
Then how did The Ex-Guardian get to be under his nasty spells, even for a while? She no longer cared. The whole world could blame her for being stupid and not careful enough.
One thing is certain, though. Next time, she’ll rely on her own gut feelings instead of listening to other people – even when she knows they always mean well. They just want her to be happy like they are.
It was nobody’s fault but his. The Wicked Wizard was never really happy with his own life. It was why he became more of a Dementor, sucking the light and the joy out of everyone else around him. Acting so wounded, he’ll continue the same old pattern with another soul out there – perhaps one, two, or even more. Who knows?
It doesn’t matter anymore now. The Wicked Wizard has been long gone, completely out of the blue. The Ex-Guardian still remembers some of their past conversations:
“I’d like to steal your heart away.”
“You can’t,” she had told him with unshaken confidence. She was even smiling. “It doesn’t work that way. I don’t give my heart to anyone away. I let people in.”
“Then I’ll enjoy staying in.”
He had, so much that he left that part of the room in her heart a complete mess. Everything was in tatters. She was enraged. How could he? Then again, she realised the reason he left:
He was always angry and helpless. He couldn’t have her heart fully like he’d wanted, because she’d never allow that to happen. A part of her had always been her guardian, pulling back the rein of her free will:
Her instinct.
Good riddance...oh, Wicked Wizard. Hopefully you’ll never return. Because if you dare, you’ll get nothing but the front door shut to your face. It’ll be locked too. She’ll make sure of that.
Still, the aftertaste of his nasty spells are poisoning her brain. Love is tainted once again. The Ex-Guardian of The Isolated Castle has even screamed at The Holiest One in anger one night:
“No more! Do You hear me? This is worse than the last one You sent my way. I am sick to death of people blaming me for this. No more! Alright?”



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