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2018-12-02 - 3:29 p.m.

Are you ready
to be what you’ve always wanted
like dreams inside your head
instead of nightmares causing dread?

Are you ready
to get up and walk
instead of inching a crawl
to run faster
to fly higher
to go after
what’s better?

Are you ready
to come out of your darkness
to stop feeling restless
to take risks
as bravely as all warriors?

Are you ready
to be whom you’ve always wanted to be?
You should.
Alter your negative moods.
Enough with your self-pity.
Reject your worry.
Leave it all up to The Almighty.

Carry your agony.
Change it into positive energy
instead of dead apathy.
You’d better be
damned ready
because then you can see...

The world doesn’t wait on you.
You know it’s true.
You can always start anew.

Are you ready for a transformation
that’ll take you to a new beginning?
Be ready.
It’s time to live again.




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