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2017-05-27 - 11:35 a.m.

This feels familiar. The Ex-Guardian of The Isolated Castle has sensed it before. In fact, so many times that she lost count.
It’s that familiar, enveloping darkness again. Back then, it came into her life and gripped her spirit tightly, clipping her wings. It had mentally suffocated her, causing her to hyperventilate.
It had stayed with her for too long before she finally banished it. She was freed, with the help of the good souls – sent by God – around her.
Now it’s returning, threatening to take over her life once again.
A sense of despair and fear...
The Ex-Guardian had battled its grim existence before, but that doesn’t mean she wants it back into her, ever again.
Then again, this is real life. This is where anything goes. Human hearts are always weak, even as they hang on to faith – in whichever forms they choose to believe. They change easily.
Of course, The Ex-Guardian has been through this before. There’s only one way she knows how to deal with this:



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